Searching for and finding a home is a lot of fun when you prepare correctly and bring the right mindset. Follow these tips to get the most out of your house hunting experience.

Take pictures

It’s amazing how ten homes will all just blur together at the end of the day. Take a lot of pictures at each home, so that you can remember and differentiate each home.

Take consistent notes

Written notes are a good compliment to the pictures that you take. Make sure you are consistent in your note taking, so that you can compare notes between homes.

Meet the neighbors

If possible, talk to some of the neighbors. If you like the neighbors, there’s a good chance you’ll like the neighborhood. Also, neighbors can often provide details about the home, the area, and the seller that you may not find elsewhere.

Be friendly

Sellers are often influenced by their impressions of potential buyers. If a seller likes you, (s)he will be easier to work with during the transaction.

Don’t criticize

It’s tempting to criticize a home when you see things that you don’t like, but you never know when the seller is listening in. No matter how much you hate the carpet, keep it to yourself until you are outside of the home.

Pace yourself

There is a limit to the amount of information that you can process in a single day. Don’t overdo it.

Take breaks

Break up the day with coffee breaks, snack breaks, and bathroom breaks. Taking a few minutes to refresh after viewing every few homes will keep you sharp throughout the day.

Wear comfortable clothes

On house hunting days, you will be getting in and out of cars, walking up and down stairs, and walking around in back yards all day. In other words, you will want to have comfortable clothing and shoes.

Have fun

This is a day that is all about you and your future. Enjoy it!



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